You're asked to spend the night in a so-called haunted house

@ezzrssi (11197)
December 27, 2006 7:15am CST
Your response?
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@listen2me (511)
• United States
1 Feb 07
my first response would be, how much? there is no way you'ed get me in a real haunted house without soothing my homecoming with cash. i do beleive in spirts good ones and bad ones. so yes i do think there is a such thing as a haunted house. HOW MUCH? lol
• United States
1 Feb 07
I'd say bring on the ghosts? haunted places dont scare me as ghosts cant hurt you. So many people fear seeing the way hollywood depicts hauntings which arent that way. Any one wanna come along to the haunted house? LOL
@lakheysub (847)
• India
7 Jan 07
i would not go to the haunted house
@Darkwing (21588)
27 Dec 06
It would depend on the nature of the spirits haunting the house. If they were bad spirits I would be very dubious about accepting. If they were kindly spirits, then I wouldn't have a problem with that. I've encountered a number of spirits before but never a group of them... they've always been singular spirits, so this invite would be rather a daunting prospect.