one of my ex's and i have started talking

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December 27, 2006 9:03am CST
I liked this man alot we have been having this on and off reletoinship and my heart tells me he is my soul mate and yesterday he made me sick and i can't get over he told me he like my oldest daughter and pretty she is and how he would like to date her and get to know her,,,he knows she is married i told him he said well maybe she will get a divorce after she sees who i am,,,,this made me sick and i don't care to talk to him again he went on to say maybe i'll be her next husband she is and angel he said.......well i just said ok then i'll see ya....well i haven't talk to him since i'm sick over the fact to think he would want my daughter the same way we had each other.....i mean i think it is ok to say how beuaitful she is and how she is and angel but i can't get over the fact that he wants to meet her and go out and love her the way he said he loved me.....he said i want to do something nice for her our of respect for you of course i just got sick how could he say or even think that my stomache is sick and it made me cry.......what is your in put on this please tell me what you would do....
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@bel1965 (154)
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27 Dec 06
If your heart is telling you that he is your soulmate you better have a talk with your heart. This man is sick and demented with no ethical or moral substance. She is your daughter and he is telling you this kind of garbage, why did you not show him the door? Your daughter is married and it doesn't bother him to consider doing harm to her marriage. This whole scenerio makes me sick.