Responding to all who reply

@feralcat (426)
December 27, 2006 9:47am CST
I first would like to thank everyone who has been replying to my discussions but I would like to ask i anyone knows how to reply to more then one at a time. To reply to each individualy means most of us would be sitting at our computers all day replying LOL. If anyone knows a way please let me know. Thank you
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• Ireland
27 Dec 06
Yes, I agree that responding to each comment individually is very time consuming and whereas I like to respond to each one individually, there are some that do not deserve a response, ie. 'Yeah' or 'I agree' etc. I now respond to these with 'Could you please elaborate'. You could also read through your responses and copy and pasted some of your replies. It might just be a little faster and so save some time. Maybe the feature will become available in the near future.
• Romania
27 Dec 06
There's no way to reply to more than one member at a time. At least try to rate every reply if you're not able to respond to everyone.