Bed wetting 2 year old

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December 27, 2006 10:24am CST
My 2 year old little boy has just become potty trained, yes, i know he's young to be potty trained, but he wanted to do it, we did it, he's pretty much done. But of course, he's not ready to stay dry at night, so we keep him in diapers at night time. Here's my problem, in the middle of the night, he pulls his diapers down, and so when he pees, he pees over EVERYTHING. He wakes up at about 5:00 a.m. now, almost every morning, saying .. Momma.. i'm wet.. Pee Pee in the bed!! and then he won't go back to sleep because he is so upset. I have tried to talk to him, and tell him not to pull his diapers off, but he's only two (two and four months) and he doesn't quite understand why he shouldn't do that. I need help, he is very grouchy because he is not getting enough sleep (and coincidently im not either) do you have any ideas, or have you ever had any of these problems with your little ones?
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30 Dec 06
Probably just a stage he will grow out of.. I once had a toddler who must have been dreaming!! He stood up in bed pulled his pants down to squat and go POOP!! I seen him thank goodness and got to him before he WENT!! What a mess that would have been.... how about keeping a potty chair near his bed and tell him if he needs to go pee it's right here beside you.. Good luck it wont last..
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3 Feb 07
Yes, very good idea thanks!!