when is the time when you felt intense physical pain?

December 27, 2006 10:30am CST
"""WHEN IT THE TIME WHEN YOU HAVE FELT INTENSE UNBEARABLE PHYSICAL PAIN... OR THE TIME WHEN U EXPERIENCED THE MAXIMUM PHYSICAL PAIN THAT YOU HAVE EVER FELT??"" for me.. it was the time I was operated for a swelling in my sacral area and the wound was to be kept open [not stitched] to allow it to fill up gradually..[ It is said to reduce the lesion from recurring] Every day the doctor would come and try to rub the slough and dried blood off from the open wound Just imagine rubbing hard on your bleeding wound .... !!! aah!! It was those minutes that I felt unbearable pain.. It was beyond imagination.. Never felt before and never want to again.. I had to bite into my pillow each time.. it went on for 2-3 minutes.. which left me breathless.. and with torn pillow cloth between my teeth!! my hands where held by my family members to prevent that unconscious reflex to block the source of sudden pain!! And each day , i began to fear that time when the doc rounds time approached\ It went on for 10 more days.. Then the wound gradually filled up!! But each day i suffered to the maximum to limits of losing consciousness!! But still; that physical pain in the one that I had suffered to the maximum degree!!
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• Spain
27 Dec 06
it was when i delevered my baby. but was rewarded with a most beautiful child and forgot all about the pain
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