how many of u r of "last minute study" type students

@timuss (474)
December 27, 2006 10:35am CST
hi all buddies, i m sumit frm delhi pursuin engg. ya engg, seemed to be a tough job but not only me but most of my frnz believe in one night stand b4 exams. nd we indeed gets good marks i wud like to know how u study. especially frm other parts of d world
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• Pakistan
27 Dec 06
that would be me ....for school exams yes !! for more serious O level exams never my opinion the best way to study is to read your work 2-3 times and the next time u do it just trying saying as much of it to yourself without looking at anything but headings its the best way trust me !!
@timuss (474)
• India
27 Dec 06
very true thts d best way nd i used to do tht b4 i hv been to coll school life is indeed meant to be of regular study. but i wonder tht inspite of studyin for 1 day i manage to get good marks.
@bf1985 (57)
• Ireland
27 Dec 06
I definitley am a last minuye study student. Every exam that I have had to prepare for I studies all night before the exam and I have to say that I have always done well in the exams. I think that it is very effective for me because I can retain lots of information for a short period of time. I am no good at retaining information for long periods. But I suppose everyone is different!