The Epidemic of the Cell Phones

United States
December 27, 2006 12:57pm CST
My little sister is 13 and she wants a sidekick. She isn't happy enough with her current cell which was very expensive when it was bought. Now she wants the sidekick which my parents can't afford and it's only because celebs and her friends are influencing her to get one. The cell phones of our times are really helpful in our daily lives but they are changing society for better and worse. Cell phones can sometimes cause rudeness. It's annoying when people answer their ringing cells (very loud) and they talk in the movie theatres or in restaurants. My sis wants her cell because it looks "cool". Jeez, the young generation of today is easily brainwashed and they'll just go bankrupt off of cell phones. I can't believe I'm part of that generation.
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