Are the laws relating to Muslim marriage more fvourable to women ?

December 27, 2006 1:32pm CST
One of my senior collegues who is Muslim by religion lived seperately from his wife for three years . Attempts at reunitign them were made from various quarter including his office collegues . Once he moved to his wife's home too , because it was her father's demand . She would not at all live with his parents at village . After that , they moved both the religious institution for divorce and the Family Court too , mainly for compensation matter . During this process he was heard expressing his frustration at the " Blatantly partisan view of Law in favour of the women . Women are always absolved by the court .This will ruin the society ." was his and some others' opinion . I did some argument when his views went too shallow . But I did not have any knowledge so far Muslim Marriage Law is concerned . SO I want to know whether he was true while saying that Lawmakers always favour the women in Muslim Marrigage Law.What is your opinion?
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@srhelmer (6947)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
27 Dec 06
I don't remember much about it from college but I believe the Muslim religion was the first to allow women to divorce their husbands. The reason is men are allowed to take as many as four wives. But, they must treat each wife equally or they are violating the purpose of allowing the marriages.