Exercise does nothing for a few

@humaaaa (1387)
December 27, 2006 2:40pm CST
A study at Louisiana State University finds that the benefits of regular exercise vary widely, with a small minority of people getting nothing from it. Researchers put 742 people from 213 families through a 20-week training program that gradually increased their exercise to 50 minutes on a stationary bike three times a week. The team reports that insulin sensitivity, a marker of risk for heart disease and diabetes, improved in 58 percent of the subjects. But in the other 42 percent there was no improvement, and, for a few, exercise appeared to make their situation worse. Earlier reports said that the team found that maximum oxygen consumption, heart rate, and blood pressure improved by more than 40 percent for some of the subjects and showed no improvement for a few. "There is astounding variation in the response to exercise," said Claude Bouchard, one of the authors of the article published in this week’s New Scientist.
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@ichigo111 (491)
• Canada
27 Dec 06
I guess some people just need different ways to keep healthy then exercise.
@ilunice (947)
• Netherlands
29 Dec 06
That is probably due to individual differences. What get you on maybe very lethal to another person. I know of one lady while in school. the more she engage herself in excercise, the fatter she becomes. What i later suspected was that she eats a lot of carbohydrate and fats. the more she excercise her body,the faster the rate at which the fat burns and and get converted to adipose tissue or what is it called. i guess something like that. So always seek advise before you prescribe rigorous exercise for yourself.
@komal345 (279)
• Pakistan
27 Dec 06
Yes its true that exercise doesn't effect some people because of their build, they have no effect by heavy exercised. A balanced diet must do more than exercise in few cases.