Try to impress me with your comments about me - I'll mark the best responce

@komal345 (279)
December 27, 2006 3:16pm CST
Hey just imagine I am your dream girl and you want to impress me to fall in love with you. So lets start i'll mark the best responce of the discussion to the best impressive reply.
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@kandy610 (33)
• Saint Lucia
12 Mar 07
hey i dnt have any words dnt hve enough space to write... if u wana see my feelings for u thn u hve to enter in my heart...
• Romania
13 Apr 07
wht has to do a girl to enter in your soul? is it hard?
@shamito (21)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
If you were my dream girl and I want to impress you well I will gonna do is... To be the friend of your parents, brother or sister, relative I will impress them taht I do care a lot about you and let them show how much I Love you... I will take care of your pet if you have any... I will wash your clothes. I will clean your garden your house your car your pool anything got to do with work... and then every morning everytime you wake up I will make sure that in your entrance door is not a news paper but one piece of red roses and a piece of chocolate hehehe.... In that way It's not to impress you but to make you fall in love with me....
@gkainth (279)
• India
17 Mar 07
o.k first tell me what will i get for best response
• India
12 Mar 07
Hi myself jitendra......As u said...just imagine u are mY dream girl...letus imagined..and i am tryimg to impress u.....Do u know komal? what is the meaning of komal? its meaning is SOFT. SOFT MEANS komal.....u are looking too soft by ur heart....and ur personality also.R u getting na what m i saying u? U ARE THE SOFT CORNER OF MY HEART..THATS WHY I AM SUPPOSEED TO U AS A DREAM GIRL OF MIEN......
@1986ankush (1241)
• India
26 Jan 07
thankyou for creating such a great discussion.. i am glad to reply to in this tag.. thank you for sharing with us.. i like your style.. and you are looking great..
• India
28 Dec 06
I want to MArry You ! Say , Kabul Hai Kabul Hai Kabul Hai And Then say, But seas i was talking about Kabul in Afganistan
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
28 Dec 06
Please check mylot guidelines. You should not conduct such compeititions while introducing discussions or through responses.