Are you a tag junkie?? Lol.

@Ambur25 (1007)
United States
December 27, 2006 4:07pm CST
Tag junkie= Someone who buys name brand regardless of quality. Me? I'm a tag junkie on certain things. Clothes? Nah. I don't care. As long as it's cute and fits, I'm buying it. Food? Some, yeah. I have to have a certain brand on certain items, while others, I'm okay with the "cheap stuff." What about you?
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@FraYFaN09 (1560)
• United States
27 Dec 06
For most of the items I buy I don't care about the brand. The only thing that I buy that I really care about what brand it is, is mac and cheese. The only mac and cheese I'll buy is Kraft because I think the other brands taste gross! Other than that I don't really care who makes it as long as I like it and it's at a decent price I'll buy it!
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@krizz420 (4388)
• Canada
27 Dec 06
Im ok with the cheap stuff to as long as its not my food or shoes that are cheap.
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