Anger Management

December 27, 2006 9:04pm CST
In James 4,the writer swang his axe at the root of our deepest problems: a smothering absorption with our own desires - getting our own way and having our own needs to meet,When that passion is frustrated it can quickly become blind rage that demeans others and debases us. Though we may get what we want,were left feeling unsatisfied. Its better to ask GOD to meet our needs with His hands in His time, in His way; to yeild our will to His control and pray as Jesus did, " Not my will, but yours, be done. It does no good to brood over injustices,to try to set things right on our own,or to let our lustful desires for pleasure will lead to " wars and fights " inside us and with those around us. Before our anger peaks, we can call for a "time-out" and take a walk with the one who understand us better than we understand ourselves - who cares for us more than we can ever know? We can tell Him about our anger and mull things over with HIM. When anger lingers in our hearts,it poisons all we think and do. But faith seeks ways to show GOD's love. And keeps our spirit strong and true. For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness.True or False?
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