Collective Soul = Most Underrated Band in recent years

United States
December 27, 2006 10:19pm CST
These guys can both rock it out, and write a great mellow tune. I love listening to them, and they have a song for any mood. Anyone else agree with me that Collective Soul may be the most underrated band of the 90s?
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@angel_690 (209)
• United States
6 Mar 07
yes I agree with you. I love collective soul and I do not ever get tired of listening to their music, its not to noisy, hateful or angry sounding. I can actually relax with their music.
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@minx267 (14740)
• Hartford, Connecticut
2 Sep 08
i am a collective soul junkie-- i love them- i see them as often as i can- sometime a few times a year- they just put on one hell of a show. i even joined their fan club.
• Northern Mariana Islands
26 Sep 07
Hi Islesfan079 It's nice to know there are CS fans here I'm a fan of CS for many years, for me all their albums have far more meaning to me than any name-brand bands out there. Youth is awesome as well as the self titled CS LP and that DVD live album with the Atlanta Youth Orchestra was the bomb, talking about under rated, they are?Other U.S. bands that I like are Gin Blossoms, Counting Crows and Soul Asylum Peace:0
@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
16 Jan 07
I absolutely do think that Collective Soul is one of the most underrated bands out there. They are personally my favorite band quite honestly. They have been for years now.. I've seen them in concert plenty of times, & each one was always so much better than the one before. I wish they we're more well known sometimes but other times I am happy that they aren't. I love how there concerts are so personal. I don't feel that way when it comes to any of the other concerts I have been to.. I find that they interact with the crowd, & they care about the well-being of there fans as well. Every time I go to one of there concerts I feel like they grip on to my heart each & every time.. And then cleanse it.. After all of there concerts I've felt like a large amount of stress was listed off of my shoulders. There's no better feeling then experiencing that. And I do agree that they do have a song to suit every mood one may experience.. I truly do love "The World I know.." As I can relate to it on so many levels.. And I feel it truly does describe our world & what it's like to live in this thing we call "life." It's nice to come across another fan who appreciates this band for there music.. I think they are truly gifted & have truly touched my life..
@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
29 Dec 06
Haven't heard of them for a long time but they are great. I like RUN, GEL, THE WORLD I KNOW, DECEMBER and most from the first album. There are a lot of underrated bands that I like, I can say that they on top of it.