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December 27, 2006 10:43pm CST
We need a category for "Things that interest us" that are not in any of those categories, a general things, and we need one for "Pet Peeves" or "Things that irritate us" or a "Venting" category. I have been using another category to fit stuff like this but it really does not fit in. Also, I noticed there are hints and guidelines for the categories and if you follow them and word your interest correctly, it will connect you to the other people who listed that same interest, so be sure to follow them. Does anyone else have any other suggestions for interest categories? Put them here and perhaps mylot will see them and add them.
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13 Jan 07
Pet Peeves and Venting work for me. How about a "Gripes" category or a "educational" category? I'm about bored with some of these categories the way it is. I mean how much can one really say about food or TV?
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