What is the best hand you have had on poker?

December 28, 2006 2:32am CST
Yesterday i win the pot with AAAA...it's my best!
5 responses
@masca11 (320)
• Romania
18 Jan 07
i play poke only for 2 months but i had some prety god hands. My best hand was st8 flush. Next one I hope to be royal flush.
@fast4ward (228)
• Canada
16 Jan 07
the best hand I played at hold em: 48484 on the table at the end of the hand ...my opponent had A4 and tought he had me beaten. But after he have put himself all-in he realized that he lost his money when I turned over my 88. :)
@bubbajin (10)
• Canada
2 Jan 07
The best hand I have ever hit online would have to be a Straight Flush. Clubs 5-9, I wasn't as good as I am at poker now, and therefore I didn't even get full value out of it which is a shame.
• United States
31 Dec 06
I've hit a royal flush twice online at pacific poker, and I've hit a straight flush once live and online, those have got to be my best hands...
@emmet18 (1116)
• Romania
31 Dec 06
I best hand was a full colour and a pair at the same time.