Spa Visit Key To Zellweger Beauty Prep

December 28, 2006 3:31am CST
Before Renee Zellweger makes any red carpet appearances, the Hollywood actress enjoys a unique triple oxygen facial at a London spa. The 37-year-old actress said that prior to each major public appearance, she visits Chelsea's Bliss spa and gets the $283 facial treatment to help polish her look, The Daily Mail reported. "She discovered the triple oxygen facial a couple of years ago and has been a convert ever since," a key source said. "They are by no means the most relaxing of treatments -- Renee has to lie supine for two hours while gas is sprayed onto her face and she is wrapped in cling film -- but there is a lot of science behind them to suggest that they work," the source said. "And, of course, Renee is convinced that they do." The treatment removes dead skin cells from the face and revitalizes it with key vitamins, the newspaper said.
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