New Album, Tour On Tap For Wu-Tang Clan

December 28, 2006 3:32am CST
The Wu-Tang Clan plans to launch a new music CD in 2007 and support it with a U.S. tour, Rolling Stone magazine reported. The plans come in the wake of a troubling last couple of years for the Wu-Tang Clan, the magazine said. Key member Ol' Dirty B@stard died in 2004 and U-God left the group for a time to pursue other endeavors. In addition, Method Man released two solo albums that Rolling Stone characterized as mediocre and joined fellow rapper Redman in a failed sitcom. Meanwhile, rapper RZA had written the Wu-Tang Manual and Ghostface Killah enjoyed success with his solo album, "Fishscale."Without Ol' Dirty B@stard among its ranks, Wu-Tang Clan's new album is expected to result in a much darker and more brutal version of the group's music, Rolling Stone said.
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