decide for your course in college...,

@zaed13 (20)
December 28, 2006 6:29am CST
In our school, they are concerned about the future of their students, that is why they always conduct a career talk for the junior and senior students. Here are some tips on how to decide for your collge course: 1. Ask yourself! "What do i want to be?, "In what subject am I proficient? ". It can help you easily identify on what course are your skills and abilities are matched. 2. Ask from others! Asking advices from other people especially from your guidance counselors may help you understand what is the best course for you. They can also give you some backgrounds of the courses that you want to take. 3. Don't pressure yourself! The main problem of the graduating students on deciding for their college course are their parents and families. Families can be the number one influence on deciding your course. Decide for your self! It is good to seek advices but it is you that will take the course and not them. You will not finish a specific course if you don't want that course totally. 4. Peer pressure? Friends are the second influence on deciding for your college course. We have to accept that some friends come and go. But we should not take the risk, just because you want to be with your friends, you are going to take the course that they are going to take too but you know for yourself that you really don't want that course. Again, decide for yourself! 5. Do not take the course if it is only in demand. (e.g. Nursing, Caregiver etc.) Ask yourself! "What if nursing course will not be in demand after several years?", "What if I am not good in science?", "What if I am afraid of blood and other kinds of human internal organs?". The best answer is within yourself, and depending on what are your abilities and skills!
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