motivate yourself

December 28, 2006 6:48am CST
One of the greatest virtues of human beings is their ability to think and act accordingly. The emergence of the techno savvy man from the tree swinging ape has really been a long journey. This transition has taken a span of countless centuries and lots of thinking caps have been involved. Inquisitiveness and aspiration to come out with the best have been the pillars for man's quest for development. Self-motivation is the sheer force, which pulled him apart and distinguished him from his primitive ancestors. Many times, in our life, when we are reviving old memories we get into a phase of nostalgia. We feel that we could have done better than what we had achieved. Be it thinking about that nerve shattering school result, because of which you couldn't get into your favorite stream or that single mark, which could have secured you a merit seat in your engineering college. But thinking back wont rewind the tireless worker called time. All we can do is promise ourselves that we will give our very best in the future. But do we really keep up to our mental commitments? I can guess that 90% answers are in the negative. This is because of that creepy careless attitude which is slowly, but surely entering into the mind of teenagers like us. We easily forget the pains of yesterday to relish the joys of today. This is the only time in our life, when we can control our fate, by controlling our mind. So it is time to pull up our socks and really motivate ourselves so that we can give our best shot in the future. Self-motivation is the need of the hour. Only we can control and restrict ourselves. Its upto us, how we use our mental capabilities to the best of our abilities. Here are some Funda's for self-motivation. Don't just read them digest each one of them and apply them and I bet it will make a better YOU. * The ultimate motivator is defeat. Once you are defeated, you have nowhere to go except the top. * Then only thing stopping you is yourself. * There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come. So do it today. * Intentions don't count, but action's do. * Don't let who you are, stunt what you want to be. * Success is the greatest motivator. * Your goals must be clear, but the guidelines must be flexible. Try to include these one liners in your scrapbook or on your favorite poster. You will be sub-consciously tuned to achieve what you want. Also do keep in mind that nothing can control your destiny but you!
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
18 Apr 11
Nothing calms me. I got to look into the void, many times a day, as my brain would reset. And then to continue my work as if nothing had happened. Even thoughts continue from where we left off. I have no power to do anything. It's so cold and quiet, that the words in books seem to talk to me. I'm waiting for a long time, but do not want. Not wanting to know what cover, which I make available beautiful story that should draw lessons and many more. Today you saw and you can not discern between good and evil. That is bad and I fear that I hope not. Slowly, I turn into something without a name or meaning. I am not well so I do not know how to be me. Autosuggestion does not work for me. No other advice. I look at everything from outside, as if all those memories belong to someone else and do not know if I feel pity or disgust. Probably both. And what's weird? I do not see me. They are invisible to me, hidden by air, wind and cold, lost forever ...
@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
28 Dec 06
Good text, can I translate it and send to some of my Brazilian friends?
@anup12 (4180)
• India
28 Dec 06
Yes motivation is the sole thing which gets you going even in the toughest of times