Is it a failure or a gift?

child with disability - a child on a wheelchair
December 28, 2006 6:53am CST
What would you do if you gave birth to a child with disability, How would you feel abt it? will you be guilty, or should you accept it as a gift from GOD?
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@ilunice (947)
• Netherlands
10 Jan 07
I don't pray for it lol. But if it comes out that way, I've got no choice than to accept the fate.
@shorva (923)
• Philippines
28 Dec 06
i wld feel very sad but since its my child i think i wld still consider it as gift from god...every child is a gift.
• Philippines
28 Dec 06
everything that happens in this life has a purpose and a reason. giving birth to a child with a disability should not be seen as a is a gift, a very RARE gift. it is a gift in the sense that the creator wants us to ponder on why we are given someone that's kinda different from the rest and as we contemplate on the possible reasons of why these things happen then we learn. also, its a way of humbling ourselves. sometimes, especially when we have achieved so much in this life, we tend to believe too much in ourselves that we sometimes forget that there is someone or something more powerful and more intelligent than us. we need to be reminded of a lot of things. having a child with disability must be seen as a challenge. this is easier said than done but it effort must be exerted so that we can do this. once this is done then we will discover a lot of things that we may have never thought of before.