compare actors and charecters

December 28, 2006 9:01am CST
Hey dudes I am curious to know about your response to the following a. Who is you favorite friends character? And why? b. Whose acting you like most in friends? And why? c. Whose character hate in friends? And why? d. Whose acting you dislike in friends? Why? Lemme give me thoughts. a.Joy, because even when the writers made the character more and more stupid towards the end of the show. Joy’s character still remains as a true friend. And he is a sort of super hero with ladies. b.Mathew Perry, I simply love his reactions on the face. c.Rachel, she is really a mean person. Show off. I love the episode when her old school mate (Brad Pit season 8) floors her. Queen Rachel with teeny weenie hehehe d.Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)again… she is a show off… or is it because she managed to make me believe so? You tell
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