Looking at Weather

United States
December 28, 2006 10:01am CST
I am continually amazed at Midwesterners and how they react to the weather in winter. This is the Midwest. Every year the weather gets cold and we have snow. In fact, this year has been surprisingly mild so far. Still, people complain and whine and moan as soon as you get a couple of cloudy days strung together. Here in Chicago the weather will turn off the lake and we get brisk winds and everyone freaks out. I enjoy the cooler months. I am more comfortable in them. I also think freezing to death is a better way to go than dying from the heat which has to be exceptionally painful. When you freeze to deah you essentially fall asleep. When you die from heat exhaustion you slowly burn up. Your skin burns and dries out. Your lips bleed and crack. Your tongue swells up. Not good. Also, there is the fashion issue. People who should not be wearing as little as they are walk around during the summer months. You see them all the time and have to wonder if their mirrors are broken. The rolls of fat tumble out from under their shirts or blouses and over pants that are distressingly low. Personally, I hate my legs. This means I do not, ever, wear shorts. I wear jeans. I wear them all the time. I wore them in Hawaii. I do not own a pair of shorts. I never will. I consider this a public service. This means I prefer to wear sweaters and jackets. I have great long-sleeved shirts and a great leather jacket. You just can't wear a leather jacket in the summer unless you are starring in a Hollywood Western movie. So, just keep whining and moaning about the cold. I'll be the one outside enjoying the brisk walk wrapped in my cool jacket. You just have to look for the positive.
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