Magic - a truth, a myth or an unbelievable reality??

December 28, 2006 10:02am CST
Some call magic as a myth. Some call it supernatural, mystical or paranormal. And some refuse to believe it is nothing more than a trick. I haven't had the chance to really study or know a true magician in today's world. Most true magic stories come from ancient times. But I do have seen some acts performed by some humans, which simply are unbelievable. I'm not talking about the "tricks", but some "real" things like walking across a wall in front of people or disappearing something with the flick of hand etc. It just explains, there definitely is some power some mystery in the paranormal world. And if that world exists, God exists too.
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• India
29 Aug 07
Magic is another word for illusion.
@tater03 (1765)
• United States
28 Dec 06
I have seen some magic done by magicians and always wondered how they did it. Like you are looking at something with your own two eyes and then it disappears. I have no idea how it is done.