Do you think using XP is dangerous?

@andygogo (1580)
December 28, 2006 10:30am CST
Just felt like ranting really.. My special lady wishes to watch her Planet Earth DVD's. Not exactly a major thing.. or so one would think. She puts the DVD in. Windows refuses to do anything. Cannot close or start programs. No log out or shutdown. Everything ceases to be interactive. DVD drive reads the disc like crazy. Eject the disc, Windows resumes. Initial thought. It can't read the disc and the fact it is stopping everything working is just a bad design on Microsoft's part. So I boot into my alternate OS on this machine ( Fedora Core 6 ). Oh look, reads the DVD perfectly fine. No DVD player though as I can't install it ( wireless support isn't good enough, I blame the vendors/manufacturers. Our developers are doing a fine job filling this void of "official" support. Keep it up ) So I reboot into XP and decide.. I'll install Windows 2000 ( my personal favourite of the Windows range ). So I open up PartitionMagic and reduce my XP partition so I can squeeze 2000 alongside it. Needs a reboot as usual so I let it go. Now.. in my previous experience, PartitionMagic will display the current status of its action. In XP what do I get.. a black screen. The only way I know it is doing something is because the harddrive is churning like there is no tommorow. So I am sat here thinking.. I don't know how far its got, how long it will take.. anything. If it errors I am not going to see it.. hell, if it doesn't reboot my computer when its finished, I won't even know when it HAS finished. Any instructions it gives me are going to be wasted on the Windows equivalent of /dev/null ( the very place all your hope goes when you install Windows.. yeah, you know the feeling ) Then I realise, this is what happened the other day when I had my USB memory stick in. Yes, XP had decided it was going to scan my USB stick and not tell me. Well.. it did tell me but hell did it show it me? No. And it assumes you want to check ( you have to press any key to cancel ). The last thing I would knowingly do with the data on my USB stick is entrust it to Windows' checks. I hope microsoft have enjoyed their ride because they are about to be derailed by penguins. Thanks for reading!
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• India
28 Dec 06
i dont think so that windows xp is dangerous... for me it is the most safest windows... no windows can stand with xp neither linux, sonar about ur dvd problem ur drive doesnot support that format.. there r some dvds that not run on simple dvd drives ... i dont know y sometimes i also face that problems ... that dvds r different