if you was rich

United States
December 28, 2006 11:40am CST
if you was a rich person what would you do or change in the world to day how would you live your life or would you even change any thing me my self i would not change the way i live at all because i know i have family that will be my best friend just for the money but i would try to give some to the homless ppl on the streets i would get then a rent house and i would pay for about 2 months of rent for them because it is real hard for a homeless person to find a job without an address
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@PIITZY (749)
• Romania
22 Jan 07
it's a good idea but unfortunetly almost imposible,me for example,i love animals very much and i almost cry when i see one get hurt or been killed in a car accident.these things are very usual in my contry i would realy love to change this thing or prevent it from hapening.if i would have enough money i woul built a animal center,or more,where i could help all these animals including stray dogs and cats.this is one of the many things i would do if i was rich.
@arwenrey (316)
• Philippines
6 Jan 07
If i were rich i will travel around the world,learn about their culture and meet new friends. Share my wealth to the unfortunate by putting up a business that will provide jobs that qualifies the poor people i won't just give them money but i will teach them how to earn money through their hard work.
@kyng386 (66)
• Estonia
1 Jan 07
If i was rich i would first buy my own apartment and a lot of things i currently don't have :). About the world...well, haven't realy thought about it like that. But probably tried to suport education and sport.