Remedy for Itching all over body.

December 28, 2006 11:40am CST
For the last few weeks I am facing a problem of Itching all over body. I took Doctor prescription he has prescribed some tablets but does't worked. I don't know whether is it from allergy. Can you pls help me to releive from this.
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@paulnet (748)
• India
23 Mar 07
Scabies is a contagious skin disease caused by a mite (Sarcoptes scabiei). Scabies spreads from person to person usually by close skin-to-skin contact or shared clothing or bed linen. It is now accepted that mites can spread when a non-infected person stands too close to an infected person. Scabies will not disappear by itself. It requires treatment. There is a risk of developing eczema or other kinds of chronic skin diseases. The treatment for scabies is simple and efficient. The medicines used are malathion liquid (eg Derbac-M, Prioderm or Quellada-M) or 5 per cent permethrin dermal cream (Lyclear dermal cream), all of which can be bought from pharmacies without a prescription.
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@milott (2648)
• India
19 Jan 07
You could prepere a powder of neem leaves by driying and grinding the leaves, take half teaspoon of powder and some sugare mixed with hot water and drink this once a day. This is the best remedy for itching and scabies and there won't be any side effects. For topical use, you could apply a paste made of neem leaves and turmeric mixed in mustard oil to the affected areas. This is the best treatment and natural way to heal it.