fishing in a long time

United States
December 28, 2006 11:54am CST
i ant been fishing in a long time can someone tell me what was the biggiest fish ya ever got in on shore not the one that got a way mine was 10 pound carp i know not big but i got it in
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@happymom (31)
• United States
15 Jan 07
I've caught a couple of huge dog fish, probably 10-15 pounds....They are very ugly fish that feed on the bottom from what they tell me...Boy you get really excited when you're really them in, and boy do they fight, but when you get it up to the boat you don't even want to touch it!!!
• United States
6 Jan 07
i think that the biggest fish i have landed was an 8 lb carp, a 5 lb plecostomus (estimated weight) and a 7 lb catfish. i have had much bigger fish that i was sooo close to landing, but alas, it wasn't meant to be
@kods104 (49)
• United States
6 Jan 07
I too haven't been fishing in a long time. My biggest was a 80 lb halibut (that didn't get away - except to the freezer!)
• Australia
5 Jan 07
Hi I have caught a 24lb carp from Devon in England. It was an awesome looking fish and I caught it using floating bait consisting of dog biscuits that had been softened in hot water to get them on the hook and then threaded on a small hook with no weight or float. The weight of the bait is just enough to cast with if you use light line 6-8lb and a good rod in the 12ft range. Its a very exciting way of fishing as you can see the fish approaching your bait and mouthing at it! Its awesome when you are watching big fish over 20lb approaching you hookbait. Should give it a try if you have a lake with carp in it nearby.
@troopy (168)
• Australia
30 Dec 06
Biggest fish I caught was a 15kg queenfish of the beach at a place called Alva beach in North Qld, bout two years ago, he kicked and jumped and put up a good fight. Caught him on 8kg line on a beach ( surf ) rod. Ohter than that I caught a Barrumundi in the same area in a lagre coastal creek of shore as well, he was about 4 to 5 kg, not as exciting as the queenie.
@amafrias (456)
• United States
28 Dec 06
I haven't been fishing in about 10 years, but the biggest I ever caught was with my Grandpa on Ocean Pond in Lake Park Georgia. It was a 14 pound freshwater bass. I like to have never got it in the boat, and my grandpa was so excited I thought he was gonna pee himself. One of my happiest memories with mr Grandpa who passed away shortly after that.