September 27, 2006 5:40am CST
many people work alot for getting a holliday,some get it for free by luck however he/she must pay somethig for that why anyone or every one can get a holliday without warry about money
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• United States
14 Oct 06
you can get a nice hoilday for less. it is how you handle the shopping. If you start when stores r starting clearance. great for you. this is the greatest time for toys. there re places for free turkeys, food package for familys. free, Their is the salvation army for toys. As long as you have a bitrh certificate. etc
• Thailand
21 Oct 06
many thanks, for your commence however,our trip is only 5us$ per trip per month as this is the virtual reality trip. nice to talk
@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
11 Oct 06
You can have a holiday without spending a lot of money and I know this because we do a lot of travelling and have a budget. Instead of staying at motels, hotels or caravan parks we often camp out somewhere. Also we take a lot of food from home with us, because we buy things and put them away just for when we want to travel. This means that we cook all or most of our meals so we don't have to pay a lot of money to eat, because cooking yourself is cheaper than buying it already done by someone else. We check with the Tourist Information Centre and find out the attractions and there are often many that are free. Happy holidays. :)
• Thailand
13 Oct 06
many thanks for that simple idel,however there is the other way-out people can sit at work,people just stay at home,people may lay on bed or simply having a cup of coffee and they take a big holiday with 5us$ this trip inculd air-ticket(round trip) hotel,food three time per day tour,and some shopping free *****talk to me more if you like please
@exodamus (1629)
• India
22 Oct 06
holidays arae expensive. People are lucky who get it free.