Have you ever picked a fight

@inplano (298)
United States
December 28, 2006 3:31pm CST
I had an unpleasant experience yesterday. We went out to see a movie and the theatre close to getting full. We wanted a good seat and unfortunately could not get even a single one bec most of the people out there had kept pens and jackets to block seats 6-8 seats on an average for their friends and relatives. I wonder whetehr they take turns to do this for each other and then trickle in at teh last minute. Not having been able to find a decent seat we took 2 seats and that lead to an argument, but we kept sitting stating that who is here should get the seat and not the people who are yet to arrive. Of course we did not enjoy this unpleasantness but we did not give away those seats. Do you think we were right?
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