A difference between CCTV "REAL" media and the foreign version.

@andygogo (1580)
December 28, 2006 4:34pm CST
A difference between CCTV "REAL" media and the foreign version. Serendipitous it was, but there I was watching an actual news report on China's CCTV that I then was able to watch on one of the American McMedia "News-o-tainment" channels. Let me set it up for you because as it was and is a direct insult on the current Queen of England it is important as far as I am concerned and I want it to be set up correctly. Back in the 1700's some King guy named George - with an added number - made a deal with some of the rightful owners of the land now known as America. The King and his men would stop murdering natives in a certain area and give them - or should that be "give back" - large pieces of land that they could live on. The natives Chief agreed to the deal. Then, the settlers reneged on the agreement, kept on killing the natives and stealing more of their land. The Chief of this particular group of natives went to England to petition the King guy...but died of disease before he could read out his petition. Subsequently, the English and then their spawn continued to steal land from the rightful owners and continued to kill the women and children of the rightful owners...along with the men, the dogs the horses and whatever else they could kill. This went on - and still goes on today. The natives of report are now limited to a couple square miles of land whereon they at least have a casino. So...the guy who is now the Chief of the natives and who is a direct descendant of the other Chief that died from disease as soon as he got to London a few hundred years ago, goes of to the London of today for a ceremony. The ceremony was a somber and serious affair - even if it was essentially useless as their is no way the spawn of that King guy of several hundred years ago are about to give any land back to the rightful owners...but it was dignified and had meaning to those involved. So, the petition from the long-dead Chief was read out to the current Royal Head of State in England, the Queen. She then commemorated a memorial to the long dead Chief, apologized, and her apology was accepted...and here is where the difference I write of developed: The current Chief, dressed in traditional clothing, made a presentation to the Queen - dressed in her version of traditional clothing - of a Pipe of Peace, an imporant cultural icon of many Turtle Island native peoples. On the CCTV actual news coverage, one could see the presentation, the Chief handed over the Pipe of Peace, the Queen accepted it with both hands, looked at it respectfully for about 3 seconds, and then slowly turned and handed it to one of her aides, turned back to the Chief, said something the mike didn't pick up, and this marked the end of the coverage. Now, on to the extremely low quality version on the American "News-o-tainment" McMedia channel: Same story etc., so no need to rehash, and we will come to the point where the Pipe of Peace was passed from the Chief to the Queen of England. The disgusting commentator, the writer so the commentator had something to drool, the video editor, the producer - all are culpable. The voice over began: "The Chief handed over the peace pipe...and it was quickly handed over again." What the screen showed was the Pipe of Peace (the commentator didn't know it seems that the correct term is Pipe of Peace and not peace pipe) being accepted by the Queen - so far, except for the cultural insults of the CBS News-o-tainment drone, things are basically the same, but then, to match the commentator's quip "...and it was quickly handed over again" the video was edited to make the Queen move quickly as if to get rid of the Pipe of Peace as fast as she could. This was NOT how it happened! The Queen did NOT insult the Chief by grabbing the Pipe of Peace, immediately turning to her aide and passing it off as if the Pipe of Peace was something unclean. She DID accept the Pipe of Peace slowly, look at it respectfully while holding it in front of her in both hands, and then slowly turned to give it to an aide and then turned back to the Chief. Now, some of course may not think this is a big deal - and for them it probably isn't because they will not be able to see either the insult to the Queen made by the CBS News-o-tainment channel and their drone, nor the insult to the Chief of the natives...for those though there is no help. The insults were there, they were intended, the little laugh in the voice of the News-o-tainment drone, the snide comment and speeded up video to match the comment, all intended, all designed and all-too-typical of the doctoring of news by the McMedia News-o-tainment channels. Fortunately for me though, I got to watch the real thing on a real news channel - one that simply shows the news without trying to doctor it up. Thanks CCTV, and the English should thank you as well as you showed respect for their monarch and respect for the ceremony they were trying to hold - not that anything really earth-shaking will result from the ceremony other than perhaps some small soothing of cultural angst. The CBS News-o-tainment morons though only insulted the Queen of England, insulted the Chief, insulted the ceremony, insulted the cultural soothing they were attempting to effect...and all to try and make a joke. The CBS News-o-tainment channel is the joke though - as are the majority of the American McMedia news-o-tainment channels.
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