Little Britain TV Show

@emjehe89 (287)
December 28, 2006 9:15pm CST
Does anyone like this show? Anyone else watched it? I love it I think it is so hilarious and funny and i can't wait to see the live show in february, i have all the dvd's and watch it all the time, some people might not like it because it is a little bit in your face and perhaps they dont like some of the characters? What do you think of it?
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29 Dec 06
very good show watch it everytime i need to just switch off and relax i think even the people that say they dont like it cant help but find some of it funny my friend allways said he hated the show (he is in a wheelchair and i think that bit offends him a little) but i had it on when he was round mine 1 night and you could see in his face he was fighting the urge to find it funny
@emjehe89 (287)
• Australia
29 Dec 06
haha i love it, yes i think some people find it offensive untill they realise the nature of the show and see that it is just intended for fun
@totalguy (563)
13 Jan 07
i watch little britain all the time ive seen repeats many times too and every time i watch it its still funny i think its one of these shows that you either love or hate the characters are great.
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
2 Jan 07
I love the show! Unfortunately though I have not seen it in a long, long time. I occassionally get to see snippets of it when on the plane travelling for work but these moments are far and few between. I find the humour refreshing, witty, sometimes controversial and the fact that two main characters can showcase such a diverse number of characters is excellent! I especially love the wheelchair skits..... They are somewhat predictable now but still hilarious every time!