CSS (cascading style sheet)

December 28, 2006 10:30pm CST
I have seen some sites that use pure CSS.. it's really awesome.. I've been thinking using it. But I'm not yet good at it. I might code pure css 1 page per day =( Guys, any suggestions? Comments? Violent reactions? ;p
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• India
1 Jan 07
Hey. CSS is a very demanding and powerful tool to build a good website. We build many websites and use CSS extensively. To Start leanring, first try to implement FONT Styles. Use Dreamweaver.
@neo2neo (461)
• India
2 Jan 07
It is really good that you want to learn css layouts. It is being used everywhere and that is the how the websites from now on will be developed. I don't know how well you know html and css. To create css layouts you have to be good at html as well as css. Learn how different attributes and their properties affect the layout in different browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari etc. You could get really good tutorials for css at w3schools.com. Once you think you know enough css/html, go to sites like htmldog.com and learn about css nesting and how to build css layouts using minimum required styles which could be used all over the site and how you can create unique styles for other sections. There are many readymade css layouts available on the net. You should also analyze them and see how they are built. I think this should be a good start.
• Philippines
4 Jan 07
Thanks a lot for the comment.. I'm using HTML and CSS now.. But I still need to familiarize more of my CSS, I still have lots of things to know about it.. by the way, thanks for the link, I'm now starting to read it.. thanks again =)