I Am A pLaTe Of RiCe

@kahimu (44)
December 29, 2006 2:49am CST
I am the plate of rice upon your dining table.You put me on yor plate and eat me heartly.Do you realize how long it tool to bring me to your plate? I was once a tender plant growing in the wet paddy.I was proud of my slender green stem,and i felt the sunshine ans the wind on my body.I went to sleep in the light of the moon and had sweet dreams.I grew strong ang tall. At last my spikes appeared.The grains swelled and grew heavy upon me.The spikes began to droop.My green leaves turned a dellcate brown. Finally men came to cut me down. Soon i found myself in a mill.I felt the grinding of knives upon me.When i came out oh the chute,i was no longer brown.I was white and beautiful. Now i am upon your table,cooked to a delicious softness.I hope i can help you grow healthy and strong.
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@paxmundi (80)
• Philippines
11 Oct 07
Very nice narrative. I'm sure it will ring in my head the next time I eat a spoonful of rice in my next meal. Good job!!!!
@gonzalu (216)
• Portugal
16 Jan 07
:) This is a great rice story! Good work! you are a good writer! Soft, descritpive, and objective. I actually enjoyed very much reading your post. If only all the posts in mylot had the same quality as yours it would be great.