@deeps123 (150)
December 29, 2006 2:56am CST
I have a male friend who i known for last 3 years now. he is full of gurts. he is cool guy he is lovable but i dont want to losse him and if i say him to get married now as its been 3 years he always says me that i have my cousin sistters and they both have not got married let them get married then i will do and now i dont have confident in him i have told him even we can go for court marriage so that my parents get sastisfactory but he is not ready for that also now he is not ready he says me why have u told to ur mother abt it i said because my mother always ask me its been 3 years and everybody is asking from me abt both of u . now i dont understand how would i say to him so that he gets ready for marriage i am 24 years ald and he is 22 years old. age doesnot matter he always says me that let me become something first then only i will marry i dont understand now whatvwill happen even he will get some post he is the only person working in his family because his father is not working and mother is a house wife and sister is working in dehradun how much he will able to deposit i dont think so he will able to deposit any money because he have ti look after his whole family i dont understand now how can i tell him to get marry because my mother is not keeping well also i dont have my father and my mother wants me to marry because i am the eldest in my family PLEASE HELP HELP HELP HELP ME ?
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