wot is the psychology behind parents opposing a love marriage?

September 27, 2006 9:08am CST
mylot memebers who r not indians might probably wondering how stupid a topic is this and who cares for the parents opinion.. well those people pls pardon me... im an indian..and all indians can easily identify with this topic..whenever a girl and boy who falls in love with each other and wants to get married..they inform their parents..and inevitably they get a negative response from them at first, even if they know that boy or girl wil be perfect for their son or daughter..they give a negative response...wot do u think is the psycology behind this ?
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@blazonvj (430)
• India
27 Sep 06
the pshycology is parents have ambitions...they want their son/daughter to be married to someone who is really settled and has got money..can we blame them???????? the thing is we can....they should always make sure that they are also considering their childrens intrest also!