How to face the news that you or someone from your family has a rare disease ?

December 29, 2006 5:06am CST
How do you think you should answer or take a bad news reffering to your helath or someone else`s health . For example I have a goddaughter which says that she will keep a pregnancy even if she will find out that she has a disease and the child will be born with fisical problems. I tryed to explain to her that it`s no use to raise a child with problems , for the child I mean, especially if you have the possibility to find out in time for abortion. You can try to solve the problems and have a healthy child . Why to put a child to suffer all his life if you know that he/she will never be ok? She said that if that is God`s will ... Idon`t think God`s will is this that is why gave us brain to think with ,we have hospitals and good doctors that can help now to do wathever we want to do so why to do this.Anyway I couldn`t change her mind . Maybe you could help me say something to her.
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