In which country is this Airport?

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@sudhajan (1219)
December 29, 2006 7:16am CST
You are on a plane over Europe. The captain announces that for some reason you have to land on an airport named "Macedonia". In which country do you think you are landing
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• United States
29 Dec 06
You are in the country of Macedonia, or the Republic of Macedonia. It is a landlocked country in Europe. Declared it's independence from yugoslavia, Sept 8th 1991. In 1993 it was admitted to the United Nations under the provisional name The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia. the name is pending a resolution of the dispute with Greece over the name. Did I win? What is my prize?
@sudhajan (1219)
• France
29 Dec 06
good answer
• Macedonia
4 Nov 07
The airport is now called "Aleksandar Veliki" on english Alexnader the Great.Anyone knows the reason for the name change.I think that the greeks have their hand dirty...
@peromk (84)
• Macedonia
8 Oct 07
"Aleksandar Veliki" - Alexander The Great - is the name now of Airport in Skopje, Macedonia
@raperce (25)
• Macedonia
19 Aug 07
hey I'm from the land in which you are landing :))) airport in Skopje now it's with new name "Alexander the Great". So if you have to land on an airport named "Alexander the Great" you must know that you are landing in Macedonia.
• Italy
13 Jul 07