@babyguda (104)
December 29, 2006 8:17am CST
Should we stop eating other animals? What are the moral, environmental, and health issues involved?
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@sudhajan (1230)
• France
30 Dec 06
veg - veg
I think being a vegetarian is really good. I don't think an animal should die just because we r hungry. Also, every time we took a bite of chicken,we must be thinking " How could we support the killing of an animal?" Yes, vegetarianism is definitely a contributing act and can save up to 70 animals lives, in one year, by one vegetarian.
@cheongyc (5075)
• Malaysia
29 Dec 06
We shouldn't eat animal. They love their life too. I feel that it's just wrong to take away the life of these poor creatures, to fulfill our eating desire. It's just not right. Although we are part of the food chain since ancient time, but since our technology enable us to farm our food throuhg agricultural, so we should not rely on livestock anymore. Besides, there are research show that our digestion system are originally meant for vegetarian. Besides, it's more environmental friendly to be vegetarian, coz those livestock (eg like cow) will release exhaust fume that will jeopardize our ozone layer. So, i would recommend strongly, to become vegetarian and stop the 'killing'.
• Pakistan
29 Dec 06
we should eat animals because they are created for eating. I fwe do not eat them , then there will be over population of animals, we are already facing crisis of over opuplation of humans but now for animals too because 80 percent of the land is unsuitable for growing and these animals graze on them, do you think that there food will ever be diminished?
@srhelmer (6933)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
29 Dec 06
My belief is this. If we didn't domesticate animals for food, they would likely be extinct by now. So, by eating them, we are saving their species.