My new MP4 Player

@andygogo (1580)
December 29, 2006 8:31am CST
I've got my first MP4 player. It is a OEM edition of SAMSUNG, with a metal appearance. After charging for over 4 hours, I filled its 1G-sized memory with the original English movie of The Lion King, mp3s of some English movies like the TITANIC, the Graduate, Forrest Gump, and some English and Chinese songs. Last night, I saw The Lion King. It was hard for me the got the meaning without seeing the Chinese on the screen. Later, I read its scripts from the book Comprehensive English Movie Scripts, and got the meaning of the movie. Then I saw it for the second time, and, it was clear! Aha! I think it actually that the listening skill does not only depend on your listening ability, but also be you familar with the material or not. So, reading a great deal, or even reciting a number of comprehensive materials such as excellent articles, movie scripts, may help us improve our listening skill. And, it is not necessary to acquire every words clearly while listening, just get its meaning, without conscious thinkings. Foreigners must not get every words very well while talking or listening to the radio, but they know what are saying. Practise yourself to be a 3-year-old while listening, let what you hear make a scene, instead of Chinese, in your mind, and you will find listening very easy when you have mastered this skill.
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