Who likes "dragon"as China's image?

@andygogo (1580)
December 29, 2006 8:57am CST
In recent coverage of main media in China, image of China (dragon) has become a problem among some Chinese people. In reality, I have not taken this isseu serious, untill I make a dash to push my nose in it after reading an article by a foreign on-looker. The image of "dragon" is not the historical result selected by majority Chinese people, maybe by emperors themselves in past centries and someone who want gain benefit in this horrible but hollow animal at present. I do not know where and how it does come from with other fellow citizens. Dragon is the only image that can be used by imperial clan and forbidden by public people. This ironic phenomena has lasted several thousands of years in Chinese history. That is to say majority people should have suffered thousands of years under the yoke of feudal system. In historical perspective, I find no reason to signify ourselves by such strange animal. Except for dragon, all proposals concerning this question are welcomed on the table. All in all, the question should not deserve more highlight in present stage. Pivotal element that determines our fate and future turns eye at our de facto society, in which propagandistic reports overshadows grave reality in China.
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