Did Jesus have to die on the cross any way?

December 29, 2006 9:18am CST
The story of Jesus, the young Nazarene Jewish teach whom many Jews and othr followers regarded as Messiah, is shrouded in mystery as much as it is complex. Jesus the son of Joseph,a descendant of King David, was a very enlightened young Jewish, well-versed in the sriptures that were out of reach to many people. Could he have stage-managed his crucifixion in line with the scriptures he studied and thereby "secure" the place he holds today? What about the theory that it was his cousin Judas son of Iscariot that was crucified in his stead? Many questions are unanswered, for many regard it as taboo to question the rationale of the crucifixion, itself an act built on pagan belief and rites of sacrifice practised by people of old.
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