What is Cancer?

December 29, 2006 9:28am CST
Cancer is nothing but a group of diseases associated with cells, the structural and functional unit of life. When male and female germs unite togather zygote if formed and by meiosis cell division a boby develops in mother's womb. It takes 9 months to develop fully to a baby. When we come on earth our body cells divides by Mitosis cell division and process lasts till death. By mitosis cell division we become adult. The cell which born from mother cell has to die after a certain period and new cell(s) take the position. But sometimes cell forget to die. The mitosis cell divison just goes on and on, new cells are formed but the old ones remain as earlier they were. As a result a tumor (mass of cells) is formed and gives birth to cancer.
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@JBD189 (346)
• India
29 Dec 06
How does once prevent this? I just lost my sister of cancer a couple of days ago. I will never be able to understand how cancer cells grow in the body. How does one detect them, what are the symptoms and how does one prevent it.
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30 Dec 06
Dear I am trying to post for reply since last day, but I am not able.