N.Korea launches 6 Missiles

@andygogo (1580)
December 29, 2006 9:35am CST
Haha! To President Bush’s credit is patience and a refusal to make a pre-emptive strike. Of course, the administration didn’t believe N. Korea was very capable. Naturally, the talking heads are already discussing what should be done about it. Some said it takes a dozen or more tests usually to get a missile to go right. Another thought that N. Korea has the eventual capability but it may still take them some time to be successful. It was noted that N. Korea was previously successful in getting their stages to separate and fire and that this is the most difficult thing. What should the US do? Well, naturally the Western response is to do something --something to punish! What should the US do? Wait a moment or two. Mr. Kim wants our Nation’s attention on our birthday. Clearly, he has studied the proposed offerings to Iran and probably has an idea to offer. Recognize that Mr. Kim launched his missiles knowing they were only early test stages and would probably not be very impressive. He has already indicated on many occasions that he would like to make a deal. What is to be done – give it to China. The smartest thing Bush has done was to listen to N. Korea’s neighbors. China and South Korea do not want a regional crisis. Correct. Forget sanctions! Please! The idea is ridiculous. China and South Korea cannot tolerate the idea that they would participate in the starvation of its neighbor. Let China conduct in-roads with oversight of some real beneficial gifts in exchange for just a little concession from N. Korea. The most important thing here is to begin the process of a relationship and stop the relationship of enemies! The region really does deserve stability!
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