Categories of People

December 29, 2006 9:56am CST
Why are we constantly categorising people into what they are? Races, religions, sexes, countries. This is what makes people hate others I think. I would have to call myself a gay-bi-straight man who's christian-bhuddist-athiest-agnostic-witch who's a pink-white-slightlybrown Australian born with english-Irish-Scottish-Jypsy heritage. What out of all of tese categories that create hate to the point of war would you be?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
15 Jun 11
In this big world there are two kinds of people "who" and "those who do not. " Those who see and those who do not see those who do and those who comment, those who are smart and those who think they are smart, who can love and hate those who can. Those who may be friends and those who may be malicious, those who may be brothers and those who are hyenas. Those who received the blows, and those who have never any chance to hit. Those who do not breathe and the Earth's breathable air it for nothing. Those who begin a journey and an end, and those that do not start anything. Those who enjoy and those who wrangle. Those who write and those who scribbled. Those who have talent and those who struggle to have talent. Those who work and those who vegetate. Those who are "full" and those who are "empty. " Those that form and those which divide. The healthy and the unhealthy. The beautiful ... and the ugly. The different and "streamline". Those who "become" and those "who are not. "