The United States of America has lost the war on terror in lraq and Afghanistan!

@andygogo (1580)
December 29, 2006 10:06am CST
In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise be to Allah The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds We of the American Republic, located within the current borders of the United States of America, have come to realize that the current war being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan is a loss for the current US Administration. Many thousands of lives have been lost on all sides of the arena with no sign of relief. The Bush Administration will not pull out the troops anytime soon, or will any other Administration in 2008. There are many reasons why. The UN has no authority to stop the senseless murder of innocent lives anywhere on this planet. And until someone stands up without fear to challenge the USA and its policies, the wars will continue without end. The American Republic with its American Mujihadeen Army can stop the wars being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan if nations of the world wish it so. There is too much blood being shed for causes that only are for those that wish to gain a profit of some kind, whether it be for money or subliminal power over others. We can do more to bring peace and stability to these conflicts if asked to do so. We will not interfere unless called upon. But if we are called upon to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we will stop it. We again deeply apologize for the massive loss of life on all sides of this conflict, that have resulted in pain and grief to families of all the innocent people and soldiers from Iraq, Afghanistan and the coalition forces. The press and other media propaganda sources are attempting to protect the Bush Administration from the primary objective. That is ok for those that like to believe propaganda. The facts are the facts, as noted with the voluminous data from many sources that have exposed the selfish reasons why the Bush Administration and others invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Essays, books, movies, talk shows, etc have capitalized on this war on terror, but with even all of that the wars are still on, and not one person has taken the risk to not challenge but supersede the orders of government and take charge and replace the administration with one that will truly govern the people to live in peace. North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China and others are just waiting for that moment to strike, and strike they will, with either economic, weapons, or both at those that wish to be truly free. Its not about religion, but about loving others, period. We are a Legion of many, who will live a life of peace, and have respect for all living things, while having considerations for those who are different, and look for ways to truly accommodate those who are slow in understanding. We support the poor, helpless, and defenseless people. We support the freedom of Women, we support the sane treatment of animals and the environment, we support the freedom of religion and expression. We do not support ignorance, period. We are a growing nation of people that encourage anyone or Nation anywhere to become part of the New American Republic!
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@srhelmer (6947)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
29 Dec 06
That's funny, last I checked both nations now have Democratic governments that are helping us in the war on terror versus aiding it. That doesn't sound like we're losing.