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December 29, 2006 10:16am CST
China does not live in a vacuum. The actions and intentions of other nations, especially that of the bully hegemon, impacts China's alternatives directly. All you have to do is look at how the hegemon had mistreated China in extortionary demands made to "allow" China into the WTO. That's water under the bridge perhaps (the nonmarket economy crap still sticks in the claws though). If you want to see how the Yanks continue to behave, look at what they are doing to the Russians as we speak. After jerking Putin around for years, looking him in the eye and calling him a dear friend (I'm sure Gorbachev still wonder how that American dagger in his back got there, wasn't Reagan laughing and smiling all the time, calling him a friend?), and blocking Russia's WTO bid as the last nation on earth to do so, today Dubya announced that he is going to sign the agreement with Putin next week, "allowing" Russia to join. But that's only the beginning of the story. Talk about treachery. The so called agreement is subject to the last minute added condition that the American Congress agreeing to grant permanent MFN status to Russia. More jerking. What's the chance of Putin's Russia getting MFN by a Dems controlled Congress? But it all leads back to opportunities for China. It makes doing deals with Russia easier. This week China announced a further billion dollar investment in Russia. The number is only going to go up faster in the next few years, as Russia continues to be jerked around. The Yanks must think it is funny. While the clowns in Washington continue to play their despicable mind games, making promises never meant to be kept (American promises has the reputation of being as valuable as doggie fart in the international arena these days), China concludes more economic and energy deals with the neighbor. Both Russia and China need the trade: China and Russia to set up joint venture oil refinery Posted: 10 November 2006 2008 hrs " BEIJING : Russian oil giant Rosneft said Friday it will set up a joint venture refinery with its Chinese counterpart CNPC that will include the opening of up to 300 petrol stations in China. Fifty-one percent of the company will be owned by the China National Petroleum Co (CNPC) and 49 percent by Rosneft, Rosneft chairman Sergey Bogdanchikov told journalists. The refinery will be able to produce up to 70 million barrels of oil a year, he said. No financial terms of the deal were disclosed. Last month the two oil giants established another joint venture in Russia, Vostock Energy Ltd, that will deal with oil prospecting and extraction. Bogdanchikov was in Beijing as part of a business delegation traveling with visiting Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov. The announcement comes as China seeks to secure Russian oil and gas supplies for its booming economy. Rosneft also concluded a deal with China's state-owned Sinopec earlier this year giving Sinopec a stake in the oil producer Udmurtneft. According to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Russia will deliver a total of 11 million tons (about 81 million barrels) of oil to China via the East Siberian railway in 2006. It hopes to increase the annual volume to 219 million barrels once a Siberian pipeline is completed. - AFP/ch "
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29 Dec 06
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29 Dec 06
I sympathise with your view of U.S. relations with Russia and China. Yes the U.S. has always sought to outwit and gain the advantage. Further the time has come when The USA no longer can rely on its good reputation and trading power, as the South American States and others break free of iniquitous trade agreements that have kept them in bondage to the U.S. However, the growing appetite for oil in Russia and China will simply speed the end of oil production, the effects of environmental degradation and global warming. Only a complete rethinking of relationships can save large parts of the planet for the future. Else for most countries all is lost. Starvation, rising sea levels, mass migration of populations. It's all on the cards, so don't get too joyous about oil partnerships without figuring how to burn fuel cleanly. There's jobs and money in the answer to that one.