Think ....YOU STILL HAVE TIME..!!!

@andygogo (1580)
December 29, 2006 11:39am CST
Too many are too qick to attack the CCP... The little song goes " No Chairman new China..." How to get through to to make the penny drop... For the western readers to attack the CCP is of course logical...they are taught from a very young age to attack it and not trust it. Evil Chinese..yellow peril...etc etc..Domino theory and so on. But for Chinese to attack the Party is a terrible reason and no real thought behind the attack..just a lust for Hollywood and the dream that democracy gives you freedom and hope...when the terrible truth...the horrible that democracy limits your freedom....limits your hope...destroys your dreams.....but the sugar coated knife is hard for you to just want...must have...get it...get it...get it...before it is too late..... Democracy will give you a nice new fast car... Democracy will give you a huge bank account... Democracy will make you smart... Democracy will educate you.... Democracy will give you a house... Democracy will give you fun,.,,, Democracy will give you FREEDOM.. Democracy will make you attractive to women....Wake WAKE UP NOW. WAKE UP FAST. SEE THE HOOK......LOOK FOR THE HOOK.... Young China.....wake up......before it is too late.... You LUST for a illusion....designed to stimulate you like a light show and drag you and your loved country to destruction. RESIST.........WAKE UP. Democracy is like a cancer...once you allow it into will eat you from the inside out until there is no China....that is why they want you to have it....entice you to want it...lust for China is able to be destroyed from within...for China is too strong to be destroyed from without and the older Chinese are too strong and wise to take the "BAIT" and the "HOOK" they FISH for the young Chinese using the Hollywood to lure you to the your doom and ours. RESIST....... The CCP Party is the reason you have a China and the reason you are Chinese...because without the Party we would all be Japanese or worse we would be nothing. No China. The Party is the only reason China is still here. Chairman Mao was a mighty man....a magnificent proud of him as he was so very proud of you. Zhou En Lai....was loved by all of you and he loved you all and you should never forget should be so proud of him. And millions and millions of Chinese heroes who fought to keep you safe Yes..the USA with the sugar coated knives of democracy and hollywood waiting to gut China from ear to ear. The destruction of China and the destruction of the Dragon Throne a desire and lust for which the west can not stop. The "young" Chinese only too willing to "TRUST" and to think that there is something to win...something grand to win....some great future or fortune to be found from following the USA and the west. It is an old Chinese proverb: Carefull what you wish for might just get it. I guess....I feel that if the USA controls the will win something...get something...advance sad...not true You know that is the same as if the old man who lives in the next village wins a great fortune he will make you rich also...why....why would he do that...what makes you think that one rich man will give his money away to this case...what makes to think the USA will give you wealth. What makes you think the West will let you win something. Slaves and the destruction of your great country that so many fought for is all they wish for you....they wish your destruction...they wish for you to be no more...and like so many insects to their doom you chase the pretty lights and the color of the money. To your doom. The day the extra small percentage of Chinese elite..less than .01% get to control the day China is no more. So sad..that some even think it. So dangerous and deadly that some trust it..western democracy..the great killer...the great murderer...the great destroyer of worlds... The Party ..Chairman Mao...Zhou En Lai....Zhu De and millions of other brave Chinese heroes are the reason you are here...the reason China lives....please do not forget it.....a day like today when you start to forget is the day China begin's to die....and there are those of us...who want China to live forever..... The CCP is the best thing that ever happened to China. I live in hope that democracy with the Falun Gong...dies a quick death. Try to get a firm grip on reality here.....the one party..the CCP is the reason and the force for why you have China...they are the reason...and you are all told by American's and the USA and the West and their filthy media full of lies and corruption far worse than you imagine of your own country...who have a single desire to destroy China...and you in your dreams and lust...assist them and help them to destroy your own country..the great and mighty China. You simply become an enemy of the state and an enemy of your family and an enemy of your brethren and an enemy of your blood....
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