If Amerikan Regime bombs Persia!

@andygogo (1580)
December 29, 2006 11:50am CST
What would be the likely Persian response..... (1) Increase the violence in Iraq with regular Persian units... (2) Buy a nuke from the black market...and blow up New York...tit for tat... (3) Covert invasion of Iraq using irregular Persian troops? the Persians are sitting pretty since, Amerikan Regime forces will not invade....it does not have enough man...unless we see the DRAFT and increase MILITARY BUDGET..THE US$1 TRILLION BUDGET...... Will Amerikan Regime take such large RISK????? Will it just reduce it deficit by more responsible spending....???? will it make Iraq and "Federal state" and "buffer" for Syria, Saudi, Persia and Turkey against each other?
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