James Taylor has got the sweetest finger I have ever heard.

@WebMann (4732)
December 29, 2006 12:01pm CST
There are hundreds of artist that I appreciate and listen to but out of all of them James Taylor stands out. Well to me personally anyways. I don't study the lives of artists because people are people and they do stupid things. So I don't get wrapped up in their private lives. I say that because my wife is just the opposite. She wants details about everything under the sun. :) I can just lay back and listen to James play hour after hour. For years I would listen and wish I could do that and eventually I got a guitar and started learning. I was 47 at that time and even now I am no star. I do however enjoy myself and have learned a couple of songs. Copperline and Mexico I will learn more as time goes on but for now I am just living and having more fun learning than I can express in words.
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