Don't pay any attention to the gossip of Mel Gibson

@andygogo (1580)
December 29, 2006 2:02pm CST
Anyone has the right to speak but I seldom pay any attention to the gossip about what Mel Gibson said. Is he arrested for DUI ? Intoxicated ! Who cares ! Please read the following: "What a joke !" Comedian Joy Behar is suggesting a painful way for Mel Gibson to show he's sorry. Behar said on "The View" that Gibson "needs to be welcomed into the Jewish community by a public circumcision." Behar says Gibson's apology won't change him. She says "people like him have it in them to just hate." Earlier this week, Barbara Walters had said she'd never see another Gibson movie again, and she says his second apology hasn't changed her mind. We pay tooooo much attention to the Jews in this Forum. Forget the Jews and concentrate in world peace. The Jews are evil people. Anyone who thinks Jews are just regular folks like you and me are wrong ! I went to an Arab Dentist for a large abscess. She sent me to a Jew periodontist dentist, a real supra-specialist. I had X-ray and he said he need to operate and need US $3,000.00 for I & D.(1 hour work for $3,000.00 , US) I went to another Jew dentist. he said conservative management. So some Jews are blood sucker and worse ,some are like you and me ! But toooooooo many Jews are blood-suckers !
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